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Green Sand Casting

Green sand casting is the process of using sand as the mold material during the metal casting process.  Over 70% of all metal castings are formed using the green sand casting process.

The sand used is shaped within the casting box using a pattern board.  The sand itself is a strong molding agent that does not interfere with the molten metal, meaning it can be used time and time again.

The term of ‘Green Sand’ does not refer to its colouring, but that it is used in a wet state.  Green Sand used for casting Non-Ferrous metals typically uses olivine sand due to the temperature of the metal being poured, as the sand does not expand or tamper with the metal.

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Gunmetal Casting

Gunmetal is a type of bronze; an alloy of copper, tin and zinc.  As the name suggests, it was originally used for making guns, until steel took over as primary maker.  Gunmetal casts and machines well and is resistant to corrosion from steam and salt water.  Gunmetal objects have been used to make steam and hydraulic castings, valves and gears.

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